April 23, 2014

Judgement Day, Really?

Mario Tweet

This is in no way attacking the Buffalo Bills’ organization. -PDS   This is a letter from me to Mario Williams.     “Judgement Day November 4th!” Mario Williams, Defensive End, Buffalo Bills via Twitter   Dear Mario, Look I am really confused on why all of this “talk” is coming from your twitter account all of a sudden about the team that took a chance on you, the Houston Texans. Don’t blame it on a friend or relative tweeting out all this non-sense on your account, be real here. I want to know what the Texans and the fan base have done to…

Mario Sends Message to Fans


Yesterday after Mario Williams signed his blockbuster deal with the Buffalo Bills, Williams sent a message through his twitter account to the Houston Texans organization and their fans:   Via Mario Williams twitter account @bbwolf90   Thanks to all the real Texan fans out there. It has been a great ride for six years and I wish the team the very best. Much love to the players, coaches and staff. It is unfortunate to have to leave such a great place due to salary cap constraints and other intentions. It is very fortunate to have the memories, sweat, blood and tears with…

The End: Williams Leaves

Mario Signs

  The Houston Texans can finally move on after a three-day marathon pertaining to defensive end Mario Williams touring the city of Buffalo. The Buffalo Bills decided to throw a 6 year deal worth up to $100 million dollars, with $50 million of that guaranteed. That immediately drawfed any offer any NFL team could offer, especially the Texans, as we all know the financial shape the organization is currently in heading into free agency. There should be some comfort to Texans’ fans knowing the Williams contract could be worth 3 to 4 NFL players that could provide depth, and it was not the Texans throwing…

D-Day Is Upon Us

Mario Williams

With the league year on the horizon and the new season set to start on Tuesday (March 13th) at 4:00 p.m. Eastern time, the Houston Texans like every team in the NFL will have to have their current roster under the $120.6 million dollar cap figure. Heading into Tuesday, it will be crystal clear on what the Texans’ roster will look like and the direction they will look heading into the free agency period and NFL Draft. The Texans’ fan base will get some ease to their minds, especially with the soon to be decided future of Mario Williams. Williams’ contract future…

Roundtable: Free Agency Predictions


With the franchise tag being passed out as we speak, and Monday being the last official day to tag players, the NFL offseason is heating up. Luckily for you avid readers we have all the answers this offseason for the Texans. With so much speculation on what the Texans are going to do, myself along with Mike and TXCleaver decided to play our hand on what will occur this free agent period for the Texans. We look at all the potential Texans free agents, name some possible cut candidates, and the most important free agent not named Mario Williams, Arian Foster or…

Potential Free Agent WRs for the Texans

Pierre Garcon

In this segment is where we look at potential free agents who could possibly could fit with the Houston Texans. I know this is not Madden, and possibly the free agent moves the Texans may or may not make will rest of the contract status of Mario Williams. Even still we can have a wish list, and a realistic one on top of that. When we mean realistic, we know the Texans can’t afford a DeSean Jackson, Reggie Wayne, Dwayne Bowe or a Vincent Jackson because they are going to demand top dollar in their next contract. We put together the top 5 free agent…

Texans Offseason To Do List

Andre Johnson, Jacoby Jones and Kevin Walter at 2011 Training Camp

  With the offseason upon us, and the Houston Texans coaches in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl to coach the AFC. The Texans have begun another offseason and with games like the East-West Shrine game and the NFLPA game in the books, the scouting department is in full swing getting their scouting sheets done for the upcoming NFL draft in April.

Decisions To Be Made for 2012

Rick Smith and Bob McNair

The Houston Texans coming off of their first ever division title and playoff win, are faced what every team goes through after the season. They face decisions that will shape the roster for years to come, and in 2012 the Texans have some key free agents.

Contract Talk: Mario Williams

Mario Williams is one of ROn's bookends.

In this series we are going to look at the potential free agents of the Houston Texans, and figure out if they work into the plans for the coming years….   This is the domino that will set the rest of the Texans free agency signings into motion. Mario Williams has been with the Houston Texans since 2006 and has appeared in two Pro Bowls, (2008,2009) and accounted for 53 sacks in the 82 games he has appeared in.

Is Mario Williams Worth $21 Million?

Today David Dalati, Fox Sports Houston, came out with an article on the “potential” problem fixing to come to light for the Texans by the season’s end, Mario Williams’ contract. It is reported in Dalati’s article that the franchise tag would not be an option for the Texans front office, because it would be over $21 million dollars to keep him in a Texans uniform for the 2012 season.     With so much success happening in the city of Houston the thought of contract negotiating seem far off, but this gives us something to talk about is Mario Williams…