April 25, 2014

Know Your Opponent with @IntenseGB


Week three of the PRESEASON for the Houston Texans, y’all! The second game at home. Last week at Reliant was so electric one would never have thought it was preseason. Until the half when the lames started filing out. But it gave the hardcores with crappy seats the chance to move down and see work being done by the young guys. And as you are well aware – some sights were seen. This week, we prepare for a dress rehearsal against our nearest rival not located in the Lone State State, the Houston Texans took a cue from our website…

Potential Free Agent WRs for the Texans

Pierre Garcon

In this segment is where we look at potential free agents who could possibly could fit with the Houston Texans. I know this is not Madden, and possibly the free agent moves the Texans may or may not make will rest of the contract status of Mario Williams. Even still we can have a wish list, and a realistic one on top of that. When we mean realistic, we know the Texans can’t afford a DeSean Jackson, Reggie Wayne, Dwayne Bowe or a Vincent Jackson because they are going to demand top dollar in their next contract. We put together the top 5 free agent…