April 24, 2014

SOTT Analysis: DT vs. NT


This is our first article from our newest blogger, D. Roque, who will be a contributing here on State of the Texans.     Nose Tackle vs Defensive Tackle   Do the Houston Texans need a big nose tackle to continue to have success in Wade Phillips’ 3-4 system? This question sparks an ongoing debate between the Houston Texans coaching staff and the Texans fans. We as Texans fans have been salivating at the mouth for a big mammoth nose tackle such as a Vince Wilfork of the New England Patriots or a Terrance Cody of the Baltimore Ravens. Nose tackles…

Nose Tackle Lust

Shaun Cody

  With free agency and the NFL Draft in the near future teams will be looking to fill voids in their current roster. With the Houston Texans it seems there may be a growing interest for them to fill positions of need, especially during the 2011 offseason. Precision moves made the Texans a contender, and by adding a free safety and shut down corner the Texans defense made a complete 180 degree turn from previous season. Also, throw in some nice picks in the draft, the Texans had some nice additions. The question this season is where will the Texans…