April 20, 2014

Under Armour’s Concept Uniforms for the Texans


Recently Under Armour released concept uniforms for the NFL, and we found the Houston Texans uniforms. We do not know the exact origin of the uniforms, but they look pretty impressive See what you think .     Under Armour Concept Uniforms   You can see the entire NFL here. 

Nike Doesn’t Mess Up a Good Thing

Texans Model

The Claire Bear is at it again.   NEW UNI DAY IS COMING!!! The anticipation was great, the build-up greater, the unveiling? Sort of snooze worthy. Seattle looks like it belongs in the PAC-12, just now with uniforms that will fit right in. The more “traditional” teams i.e., Chicago, Green Bay, Dallas, appear virtually unchanged. Overall, there aren’t a whole lot of differences other than fit. The new Nike pants look somehow tighter along with the Nike jerseys, which look more like UnderArmor (from www.nikeinc.com: Uniform Features Highly Innovative, Lightweight Uniform System,) as opposed to the typical loose polyester blend…