March 20, 2018

The Staff

Patrick D. Starr (Owner/Editor)


Heartbroken after the Houston Oilers left Houston, his prayers were answered when the Texans were awarded to Houston. After contributing for Texans sites across the web, we decided to open the State of the Texans, a site dedicated to the REAL fans of the Houston Texans. Dedicated to bringing fresh thoughts and information on the Texans to their fan base, it is Texans 100% all day every day here on State of the Texans.


D. Roque (Contributor)


Houston Texans football is a part of life for me. I love football was crushed when the Oilers left and then Bob McNair rode in on his white horse and resurrected football in Houston. I have been a diehard Texans fan before they ever took a snap. I have been up and down with them and will ride with them until football no longer exists. I’m a season ticket holder which explains my commitment to them, but when I’m not at the game I’m tweeting my thoughts or debating about the Texans. Either way it’s all Texans all the time.


Northside Mike (Graphic Artist / Contributor)


Born and raised in El Paso, TX, when Mike became a permanent resident of Houston in 1992, he was excited that he finally had hometown,professional sports to root for. Granted, he really didn’t have interest in the Oilers at first because he was already a Cowboys fan by family influence.  But when his allegiance for the Cowboys was fading, and his fandom for the Oilers was rising, it was already too late and the team was on its way to Tennessee. Even though Mike had the Rockets to fill the void, Houston without NFL  football was not the same.  So once it was announced that NFL football was coming back to Houston in the form of the Texans, Mike quickly became a fan, and has been one ever since.  For the most part, you can find Mike on Twitter engaged in conversations with fellow Tweeters over the local or national teams. When not doing that, Mike is providing comic relief in the form of his favorite hobby, Photoshopping.  From pop culture, to politics to sports, when it comes to his photoshops, no one is safe.


Clay Martin (Contributor)


Clay has been a dedicated Texans fan since the franchise was announced and Tony Boselli was the first overall pick in the expansion draft. The quality of his Mondays during football season have a direct correlation to the result of the Texans game the previous day. He distinctly remembers shedding tears during the lows (ex. 2-14 season, Rosencopter game) and rejoicing in the highs (ex. first win over the Cowboys and especially first playoff win against the Bengals). He is currently a business student at Texas A&M University, but sports, especially football and the Texans, are his first love.


Drake Eckhart (Contributor)


21 year old native Houstonian born and raised. Fan of all things Houston and current musical education student at the University of Houston. Professional musician and gigging DJ. Co-Founder of the Battle Red Freaks, takes pride in calling himself a super fan. At every home game and at least one away game a season.


Brian McDonald (Contributor)


Born, raised and living in Houston, Brian has been a Texans fan since day one. His heart was broken when the Oilers were taken away and is still thankful that Bob McNair didn’t choose some of the other nickname options like Bobcats or Stallions. Stress from watching running backs like Tony Hollings, Stacey Mack, Wali Lundy and Samkon Gado has likely taken five years off his life.


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