Luv Ya Steel Blue

Luv Ya Steel Blue is the weekly podcast for all things pertaining to the team on State of The Texans. Founded in 2009 by Mike Kerns who was fed up with local sports radio coverage of the team, he convinced Aaron and Patrick to join him on the program that routinely offends listeners every week. After much poking and prodding, the twitter celebrity known as TXCleaver joined the team on a full time basis in 2012.

Not for the faint of heart, but always good for a laugh and full of emotion and passion, the multitude of personalities has the listening audience growing in numbers every week.

***Warning: All episodes of Luv Ya Steel Blue contain explicit language & content.***

Under Construction – Archives coming soon.
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Jared Bradley

Guys, I can’t get this thing to play! The play button does nothing, it won’t load. Is it just me?

Problem fixed. PDS

We are aware of the issues with Firefox and our player. We are currently working on this issue. If there are anymore issues with the player and you not being able to listen to the podcast, please email us under the contact us tab so we can work out all of the bugs. Your help woud be greatly appreciated. Thanks. PDS

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Jeff S.

Love this stuff–very good conversation, Steph is nails. But can I offer some friendly constructive criticism? 1) Mic noise: I know y’all know this already, but it’s pretty distracting; 2) Levels: SS was pretty low, and the studio guys were much louder. A little evening out would have been nice; 3) Music. This is pretty subjective, but I think that once the serious converstation starts, the music should vanish. All of you are very much worth listening to–I don’t need background music to keep my interest. But I’ll be back regardless–great job!

That was me accidently doing that to the microphone. Didn’t even realize I was doing that.
Mike Kerns

I love it when people gripe about the music. Makes me want to add even more.

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